Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Travelogue: Korea Day 3 - Haedong Yonggung Temple x Gwangalli Beach

For the past 2 days I was in Korea, we've been buying breakfast/snacks from Paris Baguette and so far, this has to be my favourite: Sweet Potato Steam Cake! Exclusively available only in Korea I think. It's really good! I can eat this all day longgggg... So I had this for breakfast almost everyday hehehe.

So after breakfast, we took the subway to Haeundae Station and got out at exit 7. Walk to the nearest bus stop and take bus 181. It takes about 20-25min to reach Haedong Yonggung Temple.

Look out for this sign at the right side of the bus and get down.

You'll have to walk up this slope to reach the entrance of the temple.

At the entrance of the temple you'll see stores selling souvenirs and F&B. Walk pass these stores to get to the temple.

So after we're done exploring the temple, we headed to a cafe for Patbingsu on our way down to the bus stop! This cafe caught my eye because of its cute entrance.

Its interior is also really cozy but we decided to sit outside since it was more windy there.

What better way to chill on a hot day than by having cold shaved ice with ice cream? OMG. Really love the toppings. Grinned peanuts, cornflakes, red bean and ice cream with chocolate sauce. Heavenly combination!

Loving this cap I bought from Nampodong streets at 8000 won (approx $10 SGD) the day before.

So after chilling for awhile, we headed back down to take the bus back to Haeundae Station.

Decided to settle our lunch at Haeundae Beach area, so we just walked around looking for food. In Busan, you should try their seafood as that is their speciality.

But we decided on a fried chicken restaurant in the end. Haha. It was yummy!

These two dishes are spicy even though the owner said it wasn't spicy... But I guess it was not bad too! The spiciness added some kick to the dish. Hahaha

After lunch, we walked around Haeundae Market. Here, you can see the locals selling their produce like fresh seafood and fruits.

Next we wanted to take the Oryukdo Island Ferry Tour, but last minute decided not to cause the weather wasn't in the best condition. So we made our way to Gwangali Beach instead.

Took bus 1003 from one of the bus stops. We didn't know 1003 was an express bus. It doesn't stop at every stop along the way and it costs more than the regular bus fare. The bus was packed like sardines since it was around 5 plus at that time and it was the peak hour then. We were spread out all over the bus and when it was time to get down, we didn't have time to inform each other to get down and in the end, none of us manage to get down the bus cause it was too crowded and only one person got down at that stop... We got down at the next express bus stop, which was at least 3-4 subway stops away from Gwangali Beach.

Luckily we have Googlemap and portable Wifi to find our way around... Took a bus back to Gwangali Beach and saw this ice cream vendor along the streets and knew I had to try it. Hehehe.

Bought this coffee from a convenience store too and omg, it is really good! Fell in love with it on the first sip.

Took a stroll along the beach and looked for a place to settle dinner.

Had dinner at Tom and Tom cafe. They actually had an outlet in Singapore Vivo City but apparently it closed down about a year ago ): Loved their Cookies and Cream Milkshake and their pizza! So when I saw this outlet in Korea, I knew I had to dine here. Hahaha.

This Tortilla Pizza is actually darn good! I had like 2 servings! *glutton mode on* Their pretzels are also not bad but I still prefer the pizza :P

Had dinner as the sunset and once it was dark, Gwangan Bridge lit up.

People were setting off "firecrackers" on the beach and it was quite pretty. Hahaha.

Headed back to the hotel at around 8 plus.

Took a shot of Gwangan bridge from the hotel room window and I think this view is much better than what we saw at the beach.

Thus this concludes our last day in Busan.

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