Monday, May 25, 2015

Travelogue: Mt. Rinjani (Summit x Segara Anak Lake)

"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb."

Day 3 (Summit x Segara Anak Lake):

Our summit climb began at 2:30am. When we were up, we could already see many flickering lights along the route up. People sure began their climb early! The summit climb was definitely the hardest part of the trek. The last part was the worse. People were right about taking 1 step forward and sliding 2 steps back. The summit seemed so near, but just like what our guide told us, don't always believe what your eyes see. Walking up the never-ending path to the summit was torturous. However, we just took our time and slowly crawled up. Manage to catch the gorgeous sunrise on the way.

Dawn breaks as we inched our way up the path to the summit.

Even when the sun was already up, we were still far away from the summit...

Still a long way to go...

Met Group 1 when we were going up. They were already on their way down...

Photo credits: Bryan

We continued our way up... S.L.O.W.L.Y.

Choong, Bao and I actually fell asleep while resting on the way up. Our guide also rested together with us. When we got up, Bao and Choong continued going up. I got up and started moving a few steps up. But by the next few steps, the guide was pulling me up the rocky path.

It was probably around this time when my body showed signs of dehydration. Didn't know it was dehydration at first and thought it was AMS. But then I remembered I took the medicine before I slept last night. So I wasn't sure what was this giddiness I was feeling as well as this throbbing headache that was pounding with every step that I took. Couldn't get my mind to focus on the road in front of me. Kinda feared for my life cause I read about HAPE/ HACE before and in that condition, I wasn't thinking straight already. Kept imagining the worst situation that could happen to me. So I just stopped and sat down. Told the guide that I couldn't carry on and asked him to catch up to Bao and Choong in front. He asked me to head down to find shelter from the sun instead of sitting there but I just couldn't move. Going down is even scarier than going up. The fear of slipping and falling off the sides was so real. So I just sat there, hoping that someone would be down from the summit soon.

After what seemed like ages, some of them came down and I made my way down with them slowly. By that time, the clouds were rolling in and covering the path.

Photo credits: Yan Jun

To be honest, going down wasn't as easy as I'd expected. We literally slid on the volcanic ash/rocks to get down. It's like surfing on volcanic ash.

Finally nearing our campsite.

Monkeys rummaging through rubbish finding food.

After reaching campsite, our porters served us breakfast, followed by lunch shortly after breakfast. By the time we were done with lunch, it was about 3pm. We were way behind schedule and group 1 had already left for the lake hours before. So we hasten our pace and got ready to head down to the lake.

 It was a steep descent down. Felt like Mt. Welirang all over again because of the rocks x.x 

But nonetheless, the view was spectacular yet again. Just look at the photos below.

Taking a rest and enjoying the view.

And from that point on, we rushed to make our descent before night fall. However, we had to do an unplanned night trek as our pace was too slow. Luckily the trek was on relatively flat ground with little hills.

We reached Segara Anak Lake at about 7:30pm and had dinner served to us by the porters. Most of  the people in group 1 were already in bed when we reached. They had gone to the hot spring and had their dinner before we came back. Some of them from group 2 and 3 went to the hot spring after dinner as well. I actually regretted not going with them cause I was afraid it'll be too cold when we came back. But that wasn't the case, according to those who went.

So we went to bed to rest for the night after cleaning off the volcanic ash accumulated from the day. And did I mention, we had the most comfortable and warm sleeping bag as well as a layer of mattress underneath the sleeping bag! 5-star hotel on Mt. Rinjani thanks to Green Rinjani! (:

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