Friday, June 6, 2014

Travelogue: NTU ODAC Trek Recce (Mt. Bromo)

Day 4 (Mt. Bromo x Transfer to Yogyakarta):

So we woke up at 2:30am to take a Jeep up to Penanjakan View Point to see the sunrise. It was really crowded when we went up there, which was surprising considering it was a weekday. Hung around outside the shops, getting hot drinks while we waited before heading to the view point. It was already flooded by the time we went up. Just had to squeeze to the front and even so, couldn't really get a good spot. The sunrise that day wasn't that fantastic. We all agreed it was the longest sunrise ever...

That's the best I could get of the sunrise that day. Went over to the adjacent side of the view point to get a photo of Mt. Bromo crater. The view there was much better, after the crowd dispersed a little after the sunrise. The shorter peak in the front is Mount Batok. The one with the smoke coming out is Mount Bromo and the tallest one in the background is Mount Semeru.

Took a few more photos and we left for Bromo crater in the jeep.

Photo credits to Choong.

Photo credits to Choong.

So the mountain behind us is Mount Batok.

Lots of people climbing up to Mount Bromo crater.

Oh yes, they have horses to bring you up to before the  flight of stairs up to the Bromo crater. It costs about USD $14 for the ride.

So after all the photos, we went back to our homestay to pack up and prepare to head to Surabaya train station for our transfer to Yogyakarta, to continue on our second part of our Indo recce, which is led by Yutai and Denise.

Had our last photos with Dedan before going in.

 Photo credits to Denise.

Emily came to send us off too! Hehehe. Thank you for your help and bringing us around on the first day! (':

 Photo credits to Denise.

Thank you Dedan for being such a good guide! Really lucky to have him as our guide for the past 3 days. He was so caring and nice. His English is good too!

Photo credits to Denise.

So we stocked up on a bit of food for the 4-5hour train ride to Yogyakarta and boarded the train. We booked the Executive class for about SGD $20 per ticket. It was quite comfortable I must say.

Photo credits to Denise.

So we tried to get as comfortable as possible on the train and went to sleep since we would be doing another night trek at 12am later on.

Reached Yogyakarta train station at about 9:30pm, approx 1hr behind schedule. Met up with our guide Suroto at the train station and we were transferred to his home to prepare for our climb. And with that, it concludes chill day 4.

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