Monday, June 30, 2014

Product Review: Curél Sebum Care Range

Finding the right skincare for people with sensitive facial skin is a challenge for many, and even more so for those with oily or combination skin types.

For this group of people with sensitive facial skin paired with oily or combination skin types, skin sensitivity is seen as a greater issue to be resolved as compared to the excess sebum secretion issue. However, they might not realise that disregarding the latter when choosing skincare products can potentially aggravate skin sensitivity.

However, this is not enough. Excess sebum generated will deteriorate as skin gets more alkaline, turning into irritants to cause flare-ups within the skin layers. Hence it is important to choose products that effectively control skin sensitivity while reducing sebum secretion from the source.

Curél, Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, introduces a new skincare range specially formulated for sensitive and oily or combination skin types. The Curél Sebum Care range - comprising a Foaming Wash, Lotion and Moisture Gel - offers the skincare essentials to properly manage both skin sensitivity and sebum secretion.

Having sensitive skin as well as combination skin, I have always neglected my skin sensitivity whenever choosing a cleansing facial form for usage. After realising that skin sensitivity is a greater issue to be resolved, and that Curél has this new skincare range specially formulated for sensitive and oily or combination skin, I have decided to try this out.

Directions of use:
Sebum Care Foaming Wash --> Sebum Care Lotion --> Sebum Care Moisture Gel

1. Sebum Care Foaming Wash:
Dispense and apply appropriate amount (2 pumps) directly onto wet skin. Do not lather. Gently massage and rinse off thoroughly.

Note: Do not shake bottle so that foam can be dispensed properly. Place on flat surface before dispensing for full foam. This product should not be used to remove make-up.

Look at how dense the foam is! Love the softness of the foam on my skin and doesn't leave my skin feeling 'tight' after using it!

2. Sebum Care Lotion:
After cleansing, apply gently over the whole face twice daily, the morning and at night.

It is a transparent liquid which does not feel sticky after application!

3. Sebum Care Moisture Gel:
Apply appropriate amount (3-4 pumps) gently over whole face twice daily.

The moisture gel is a translucent liquid which is also non-sticky after application. The gel gets absorbed by the skin readily upon application.

Overall review:
I've been using this skincare range for about 4 days now and I feel that my skin condition has gotten slightly better. Before using this product, whenever I got out of bed in the morning, my face would be filled with sebum. But after using this product, I've noticed that the amount of sebum has decreased a little.

Where to buy: The Curél Sebum Care range is available at selected Guardian and Watson's stores.

Foaming Wash (150ml) - $19.80
Care Lotion (150ml) - $24.90
Care Moisture Gel (120ml) - $34.90

To redeem samples for the sebum care products, do visit Curél SG facebook page here!

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