Sunday, April 6, 2014

After a long Hiatus.

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Hahaha.

I'm approaching the end of my first year of studying in NTU. Each semester seems to pass faster than the previous. Made new friends whom I can definitely rely on and some whom I'll probably not keep in contact with for long. I guess you call the latter "acquaintances" rather than friends. But I'm grateful for having my girls. They've been there since the first day of school. We met through SPMS Buddies Orientation. All of them didn't take part in SPMS Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC) so we were like, "the loners stick together" cause everyone else seem to know everyone else. Hahaha. But I'm glad I attended the Buddies Orientation. Else I'd be even more lost than I already am when school started! At least with them, we update each other of what we needed to do etc. It's more than just coursemates. We are Friends. 

For all matriculating student, I urge you to attend as many camps as possible. Get to know more people, widen up your social circle. Entering Uni is the best time to increase your connections. I'm not saying to make use of people or any of that sense, but it's never harmful to know more people right? And it should be made compulsory to attend FOC! & yes, apply for hall if you're able to! Just try it for a semester or a year. Just for the experience. I truly regret not doing the two important things I mentioned above...

But I did made a right decision by joining a CCA under the persuasion of  Jia Hui. Haha. We both joined ODAC Trek Subcommittee in the hopes of getting to know more people and making new friends. On top of that, we were so excited we get to go on overseas trips. But little did we expect our parents to react negatively to the news. Both our parents weren't supportive of us going overseas. They kept going on and on about how it's dangerous trekking in Malaysia's rainforest etc. Parents being parents, we understand their concern but it was really the experience we wanted. Persuading my mum to let me go for the first overseas subcommittee trip really tested my perseverance and how much I wanted to go for it. It took me months. Only on the day itself, she texted me while I was studying and told me I could go. Such drama. But I was still really elated and thankful. Went on the first ODAC trip with the rest of the subcommittee members and had a blast. It was my first time trekking and I didn't have any form of exercise before going on the trip, so it was actually physically demanding for me. Despite that, I made it down alive. Hahahaha. Ok I'm exaggerating just a little. But I'm glad I made it for that trip.

Anyhow, so first semester of school was HECTIC. No kidding. We were all still trying to get used to uni life in the beginning. It was so fast-paced all of us had a hard time adapting. Especially my two friends who were from poly. They were both from business and the last time they encountered math was in secondary school. It was definitely a stressful period for them. One of them actually considered changing course because she was feeling so stressed up. But in the end, we all made it through semester one. PHEW.

After a few weeks of break during December, school started once again. This time, we were all prepared for the hectic weeks ahead. Things started out smoothly and we're getting hang of Uni life. Few more weeks before finals and we're finishing up our syllabus of the courses soon. Let's push on!

Work hard for the things you believe in.

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