Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cheap thrills in life.

Note to self: 20 more days to the start of finals. 

Despite that, spent the afternoon yesterday after calculus tutorial with my uni girls eating waffle ice cream at NTU Canteen 12/13. Had the sudden craving for waffle ice cream since Tuesday. $2.80 for a double scoop waffle ice cream, why not? I was really satisfied. 5 of us shared 2 double scoop ice cream waffle. Hehehe.

Then we went to another canteen to try the western stall Fish and Cheese cause Fel said it was good. Somehow my appetite opened after eating the dessert. So 3 of us shared a serving. Just had to try it since we're there. And I totally didn't regret trying it cause it was NICE!

Then we went to Eileen's hall since Fel has been wanting to visit her hall since no idea when. So we just sat there and talked about life. Talked about the past, present & future. It was just so interesting to hear about their lives when they were younger. Shared many past experiences & we laughed so hard until our stomachs hurt. First time the 5 of us actually sat down and talked about stuff. It felt really good. And not forgetting our mandatory photo! :P
Really thankful for meeting these girls on the first day of uni. Without them, I would feel so lost in school, no doubt. I wouldn't have friends to share everything with, wouldn't have anyone to seek help from in school. A girl clique is really different. You can literally talk about anything and everything under the sun cause they are girls and they understand #girlproblems. Used to dislike all-girls clique cause of my misconception of them bitching and having lost of problem within the clique. But all these changed when I met these girls. hehehe <3 
Totally loving the time spent with them. XOXO

Cheers to more good times ahead!  

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