Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last day of Year 1 Semester 2

Had my last day of lectures and tutorials for year 1 yesterday. Didn't really have the mood to really study yesterday though. "last day of school = play" :P But sadly there's still finals coming up in 13 days. WOAH. 13 days. Seriously, time to start studying...

But since it's the last day of school, we had to take some mandatory photos to conclude our first year in uni! Hahaha. So we went to ADM Rooftop just before Linear revision lecture. We thought we were going to get sunburn because the sun was so strong! Despite the complains, we still made it up the roof. Hahaha. Luckily there was a shaded area there. So we camped there most of the time hehehe. All photos are taken by iPhone 5. Everyone loves the chrome effect hahaha. It makes the photo so much better! Though we did use Camera360 for the group jumpshots. It was a good exercise for me cause I was the one setting the timer and the timer only allowed 3s setting -.- So well, it tested my shuttle run speed hahaha.

And here are some of the better shots we got!

This shot was meant to be a "fight scene" but it seems like we're doing a couple dance instead. Hahaha

"Put your hands up"

We were trying to recreate the "dragonball z" action. Hahahaha

We were all impressed by the quality of the iPhone camera and the colour of the photos! So pretty! hahaha *Thumbs up* And thanks to the "hold down to take multiple shots" feature on the ios7, these amazing shots are possible! <3

Spammed these shots in a few minutes since we had to rush off for Linear lecture. Hahaha. But it was so fun! If we had more time, I think we might have perfected the shots :P 

Still can't really believe that I survived studying a whole year of MATH and ONLY math. Hahaha. And that concludes the end of Year 1 in NTU (': But there's still finals. Oh well...

Time passes at the speed of light when you're having fun.

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