Saturday, May 17, 2014

Punggol Waterway Park Connectors

Travelled all the way to Punggol from the West to go roller blading along Punggol Waterway with CSH on Thursday! Pretty excited to head there since it's my first time visiting this park connector in the North-East.

I took a train from Clementi, change to the circle line at Bouna Vista and changed again at Serangoon to North-East line to Punggol. The whole journey took about an hour. From Punggol bus interchange, we took bus 84 and alighted at Punggol Promenade, after the bus made a U-turn.

We got down and saw these really interesting Wagon-shaped cabins and decided to explore. Turns out, these cabins are actually chalet-like accommodations! How interesting!

Walked a little further in and we found the horse stables! I was sooooo thrilled to see the horses! Reminisced about the time I did horse riding in Korea...

Saw this swing made of wood! How cool is that? This place reminds me of the Medieval days.

When we're done exploring the Punggol Ranch, we changed into our roller blades and started blading under the blistering afternoon sun (turned out to be a really bad idea cause we got sun burnt in the end x.x ).

At first we went towards the direction of the Sengkang Riverside Park. It was really quiet along the way and there were not many people along the trail too. Probably cause we went on a weekday afternoon. The feeling was really nice! Other than the fact that the sun was scotching hot...

So here are some photos we took along the way.

After going all the way and reaching somewhere near Buangkok Village there, there wasn't any more route for us to follow. Somehow the park connector trail ended there. So we were kinda lost... x.x Then we decided to just back-track and return back to where we started!

So we returned back to where we started (Punggol Promenade) and we continued on towards the direction of Lorang Halus Wetland Park. The view along the way was just splendid. I don't think I can find another place with such peace and serenity in Singapore.

Finally found a vending machine after so long. We didn't bring enough water and the scotching heat was making our body dehydrated. So we got a drink, took a short rest and continued on with the trail.

We went all the way to the end of Serangooon Park Connector (Tampines Road - Sungei Serangoon) and made our way towards Lola's Cafe. Had to cross a few traffic lights after the end of the park connector so we were extra careful since we were on roller blades. Still, we made it there in one piece :D And that concludes our trip to the North-East Park Connectors! Will definitely revisit the North-East region again despite the distance cause it's soooo pretty! But will probably visit in the early morning or evening! Afternoon is a no-no cause you'll get sun burnt even with sunblock on x.x

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on Lola's Cafe & Wimbly Lu! (:

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