Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tulipmania 2014 @ Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

"I'd rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck."

So, finals began yesterday & I've got 3 remaining papers coming up next week. But since it's Labour Day today, gonna spend some time blogging about our visit to Gardens by the Bay.

Took time off revision last Sunday to spend some quality time with my family. It's been a long time since we went out as a family. Since Mothers' Day is around the corner, I suggested visiting Gardens By the Bay as Tulipmania was ongoing. Mummy has been talking about making a trip down since forever but we keep postponing the trip. I actually feel guilty about it :/

Though finals was only a few days away, I thought that I should take a break from studying and relax for a little too, since it was rather productive the past study break. So we made the trip down to Gardens By the Bay early in the morning, wanting to beat the crowd.

Got there by MRT via East/West line from Clementi station and made a transfer to Downtown line at Bugis.

The reserve seats on the Downtown line are too cute!

We reached Bayfront MRT station at around 9am and made our way to the conservatories. There was already a queue by the time we reached but it took less than 10 minutes to get our tickets. Ticket prices are at $20 for 2 conservatories for Singaporeans/PR (adults) and OCBC card members get additional 15% off ticket prices. So we paid $17 for the entrance to both conservatories per adult. Do check out Gardens By the Bay website for more ticket prices as well as the different on-going discounts & promotions available. (Do note that Tulipmania is only ongoing until this weekend!)

We went into Flower Dome first to view the tulips. As soon as you enter the conservatory, you would be able to smell the fragrance of the tulips. We immediately head down to the bottom level to view the field of tulips. It was a splendid sight! What better way to brighten up your morning by looking at these vibrant flowers?

Picturesque view of the field of Tulips

These photos do not even require any editing cause they are already gorgeous on its own! So time for more photos. Enjoy!

Well, I guess it is obvious why people think that he's the older one...

Daisies are just as beautiful too!

So when we're done with admiring and taking photos of the tulips, we moved up one level to see what other flowers/plants there are. The upper levels are split into a few different sections. Couldn't remember their names, though. Haha. Oh, and my brother wanted to try this out: We placed Miffy in the photos. And well, he calls it "The Adventures of Miffy". Hahaha. #theretardedstuffwedo #pleasedontjudge

Miffy in the Desert.

 Miffy in Iceland.

 Miffy on Vine.

 Commando Miffy.

Okay, I guess that's enough Miffy for the day. Now back to more photos of us!

 He actually looks cute in this photo. Hahahaha.

 This looks like some place the Ice Queen would live in.

So after spamming photos for about an hour or so in the Flower Dome, we made our way to Cloud Forest, which is the other conservatory. We were greeted by the man-made waterfall when we entered. You would actually get a little wet if you get too close to the waterfall. My brother told me there was a rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall. So I went all the way to the railings, got wet and still couldn't see it -.- Tough luck. Hahaha.

There are a few levels to explore in Cloud Forest. We went up to the top floor before slowly making our way down.  

Oh yes, Cloud Forest is FILLED with really pretty Orchids!


 View from above.


So we spotted "mirrors" hanging from the ceiling and we decided to take a Selfie. Hahaha.

Family Selfie (':

 Another Selfie cause my bro has long arms.

 This photo has the Jurassic Park feel don't you think so?

 Love this photo of my Mummy and Daddy <3

After exploring for about an hour in Cloud Forest, we were all getting hungry so we left Gardens by the Bay to have our lunch. And that concludes my Sunday! Oh actually no it doesn't. Went home in the afternoon to continue my revision for finals -.- But well, there's nothing interesting about that. Hahaha. I'm still glad we got to spend time before my finals. Felt really guilty for the past month or so cause I was really busy with school and wasn't able to spend time with my family. Can't wait for finals to be over! 8 more days!

On a last note, all photos taken are with my iPhone5. Hehehe. The photos actually look even better than photos produced by a DSLR under good lighting!

"Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." - Lilo and Stitch

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